Based in the north-east of France, Rumble is a trio (guitar/voice – double bass – drums) formed in 2012, mainly influenced by rockabilly, but embracing other styles of music (rock n roll, garage 60’s, country, surf music…)

After a period of time as a cover band, they renew the genre with their own material, between past and present. The band is heavily influenced by early rockabilly like Sun Records – Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette, Charlie Feathers...but gets its inspriration from many other musical styles, from the country of Hank Williams to wild garage instrumentals from Link Wray. Rumble has assimilated all these musical streams to perform a unique music, beyond the clichés, still bound to the great pionneers, keeping an ear on today’s rock n roll scene.

A first record named Driftin’ was released in 2014 in mono : half an hour of nervous rock n roll, that sounds like taken from a wild 50s’ record session... Their second record, White tuxedo and black moustache, was released in 2015. With a more subtle stereo sound, a brass section on some songs, it goes from a spanish flavored music (White tuxedo, Black widow), to blues, (Death don’t have no mercy), not to mention rock n roll. These two records were released on Cds and Lps, distributed by the label Productions de l’Impossible.

Rumble has played in many musical venues, from bars to opening for national and international artists (Nico Duportal, Washington Dead Cats, Rhythm Sophie…), performing high energy shows. Rock n Folk, a French national magazine, made a good summary : « With a nervous double bass, a voice à la Elvis, Rumble can swing, but also get wild playing their own songs and covers, crafted in a very fine manner »

After a break, other musical projects, and the arrival of a new drummer, the band is back today, more decided than ever to plow its own furrow, with a music made for dancer, rock n roll lovers, rooted in the past, but not being a pastiche ! Roll on !

douns rumble
douns rumble
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julian rumble
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